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Beijing guanying office furniture co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: feiyun industrial) in steel file cabinets, steel safe anti-theft security door, steel fire door and steel book archives fittings four series leading products, and develop and produce electric file cabinets, supermarket shelves, such as new products. Especially in the fire door, building intercom door, and visible interphone doors and luxury security doors and continuously expand, environmental protection, such as door, file into level, form a series. Over the years, feiyun company to transform traditional industries with high and new technology as its own development, spent 60 million yuan over imported from Japan, Italy advanced numerical control equipment and processes, improve the machining precision and grade of the product. Implemented in 2002 output value of nearly 300 million yuan, profit tax of 40 million yuan.

Feiyun industry also established Beijing metal products branch at the same time, the opening of the company to shorten the distance of Harbin and Beijing, which reduces the costs and benefits to the masses of customers. Feiyun industry after 20 years of unremitting efforts, has won the "state administration for industry and commerce in 2002 the contract heavy credit enterprise" and so on the title. "Feiyun card" product is "customer satisfaction product", in the province, the state for many years was "heilongjiang province famous brand products". Feiyun trademarks were given "heilongjiang province famous trademark". "Feiyun into m, safety you I him" the slogan of a household name. The chairman comrade Zhao Mingjian is Harbin city people's congress, is evaluated many times and outstanding communist party member, model workers, outstanding entrepreneur.

Feiyun industry on the basis of long-term to implement total quality management, in 1999 was named the provincial quality management advanced enterprises, the national "quality complain enterprise" in 2001 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, in 2004 through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Achieved with the international advanced standard. Products are also out of the country, exports to Russia, Japan and other countries. At present, feiyun products industry has annual output of 800000 units (sets), production capacity of 400 million yuan output value, become the industry leader. Feiyun Zhao Mingjian comrade, led by the chairman and general manager, determined to forge ahead, pragmatic innovation, in order to feiyun tomorrow, for the revitalization of the motherland and make unremitting efforts, make greater contribution to the company profile.


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Beijing Feiyun Office Furniture Co., Ltd.
Address: Feiyun, Block D, Long Territory Building, 18 Suzhou Street, Haidian District
E-mail: feiyun001@bjfeiyun.com

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